Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

Golden Palm Residence

Location: Jalan Tiong Gang Barokah, No. 57. Karet Pedurenan. Jakarta Selatan

Facilities: 5 x 6 meter, internet connection (cable), cable vision, AC, water heater, refrigerator, wide space bathroom, security, house keeping service, public kitchen, parking space.

Price: 2.5 - 3.5 million (Price range varies based on negotiation with the owner), deposit payment is required.

Suitable for: Business People, newly married couples without children, expatriates.

(Special Note from me:)

If somehow you find the description above suits your preferences, you might want to take my personal experience as a consideration also - There is no such thing as being too careful, right?

  1. Always be firm to the owner in term of when the renting will start. I moved in on the agreed date the owner himself set for me, and just when I was about to move in he said the room was not yet empty - And told me to stay in his other place (Which was poorly managed by the way) until the previous renter of the room move out. I ended up staying on the kost next door for a week before I could move in there. That was not without a tough hassle and negotiation with the owner.
  2. It would be better if you ask for receipts of every payment you make - prior and during your stay. In my case, the owner sometimes acted up as if he forgot to give me the receipt. I chased him until I got the receipt. No such thing as being too careful with him, especially after the first incident.
  3. Ask for written consent letter. In the event of moving out the owner usually tried to get back on his word and have the deposit money for the 'rules' he suddenly invented. Make sure you have this before you move in to the kost.
  4. Buy your own house cleaning items. The owner doesn't provide adequate house cleaning item, and sometimes the bathroom was not clean because of that.
  5. Tip the staffs. They are horribly underpaid and yet they are all nice people. This is just my conscience talking...not actually a necessity.
This is a nice place, only if you know how to handle the owner. Persistence pays, folks.

Jumat, 20 Maret 2009

Apartment Casablanca

Location: Apartment Casablanca, Jalan Casablanca, Jakarta Selatan. Tower 1 Nomor 206.

Contact Person: Wilma (085694762385)

Facilities: 2 bedrooms, 1 helper room, 3 bathrooms, water heater, AC, fully furnished includes TV, 10x20 meter, view towards Jalan Casablanca, service for repair and maintenance by the owner, swimming pool and children' play area.

Price: USD 1200 per month with 12 months payment in advance.

Lacks: Heavy traffic on Jalan Casablanca, no pets allowed.

Suitable for: Business people, newly married couples, married couples with children.

Senin, 09 Juni 2008


Location: Jl. Genteng Ijo No.87, Karet Pedurenan, Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan.

Facilities: 5x5 meter, wifi internet connection, tv, refrigerator, wide space bathroom, security, house keeping service, public kitchen, parking space, terrace (particular rooms only).

Price: 2.5 - 3.5 million IDR

Lacks: Never take the local motorcycle taxi (Ojek) and take the ordered taxi instead. The price the motorcycle taxi costs on you is expensive.
No pets allowed.

Suitable for: Business men, college students, newly married couples with no children.

Minggu, 04 Mei 2008


Located in Jl. Durentiga Selatan VII no. 25, Warung Buncit, Jakarta Selatan

Facilities: Studio Apartment, Private bathroom (water heater), TV, Refrigerator, Internet connection, Parking Space, Security, house keeping service, private kitchen, Terrace, Swimming Pool, Lawn and Backyard.

Price: Rupiah 2.5 million - 4 million

Lacks: Too far from the main street.

Suitable For: Expatriate, Business men, newly married couples with no children and pets


Located in Jl. Salemba Tengah I No.211 A, Jakarta Pusat

Phone: (021) 3904451, 3918541, 3918845 - Elvy/Ratih/Momon

Facilities: Standard Rooms (Private Bathroom - water heater, single bed, fixture furnitures), Bigger rooms, more bigger rooms; TV connection, Phone lines, security, Internet connection (Extra charged), House keeping service, additional charge for second person.

Price: Rupiah 1.8 Million - 2 million

Lacks: Sound pollution from the main street, densed neighborhood, additional charge for late guests.

Suitable for: College Students, Business Men


Located in Jl. Durentiga Selatan VI no. 30, Warung Buncit, Jakarta Selatan

Phone: (021) 9388 2624/ 081210425512 (Sulis)

Facilities: 4 X 6 to 9 x 6 metre, private bathroom (water heater), TV (Local stations and Indovision), Speedy Internet connection, Refrigerator, Antiques Furnitures, Security, Phone Line, Swimming Pool, Parking Space, House keeping (on Weekly and/ or Daily basis), small garden.

Price: Rupiah 2.5 million to 3.5 million

Lack of: Choice of Foods, Too far from the main street, Requires Marriage certificate for couples.

Suitable for: Expatriate, Business men, newly married with no children.


Located in: Jl. Karetsawah I No. 23, Karet Semanggi, Jakarta.

Facilities: Varied types of rooms (Room only, room with private bathroom, room with bigger space, rooms with bigger space - refrigerator-bathroom-TV), TV cable ( Astro and with additional charge), Parking space and house keeping service (With additional charge)

Price: Rupiah 700 thousand - 3 million

Lack of: Privacy because the place have 150 rooms, too far from the main street, limited parking space, supervision from the owner the maids and security charge more for extra services.

Suitable for: College Students, Fresh graduates and Business Executive.

NEWEST INFO: This place has been remodeled for the coming floods. There will be no ground floor, all rooms will be on the second floor. And the price range will be far more expensive, from Rupiah 1 million and beyond.